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公共英语三级考试题库: Text 1。


  Text 1

  Mistakes are the things that nobody wants, but we still make mistakes at any age. Some mistakes we make are about money. Some are about work or jobs. But most mistakes are about people."Did Jerry really care when I broke up with Helen? When I got that great job, did Jim really feel good about it as a friend? Or did he envy my luck? And why didn't Andy pick up that I was friendly just because 1 had a car?" When we look back, doubts like these can make us feel bad. But when we look back, it's too late.

  why do we go wrong about our friends or our enemies? Sometimes what people say hides their real meaning. We need to listen and think for some time. And if we don't really listen we miss the feeling behind the words. Suppose someone tells you, "You're a lucky dog" that's being friendly. But "lucky dog"? There's a bit of envy in those words. Maybe he doesn't see it himself. But bringing in the "dog" bit puts you down a little, what he may be saying is that he doesn't think you deserve your luck.

  "Just think of all the things you have to be thankful for" is another noise that says one thing and means another. It could mean that the speaker is trying to get you to see your problem as part of your life as a whole. But is he? Wrapped up in this phrase is the thought that your problem isn't important. It's telling you to think of all the starving people in the world when you haven't got a date for Saturday night.

  How can you'tell the real meaning behind someone's words? One way is to take a good look at the person talking. Do his words fit the way he looks? Does what he says agree with the tone of voice? His posture? The look in his eyes? Stop and think. The minute you spend thinking about the real meaning of what people say to you may save another mistake.

  26. This passage is mainly about

  A. how to interpret what people say

  B. what to do when you listen to others talking

  C. how to avoid mistakes when you communicate with people

  D. why we go wrong with people sometimes

  27. According to the author, the reason why we go wrong about our friends is that .

  A. we fail to listen carefully when they talk

  B. people tend to be annoyed when we check what they say

  C. people usually state one thing but means another

  D. we tend to doubt what our friends say

  28. In the sentence "Maybe he doesn't see it himself" in the second paragraph, the pronoun"it" refers to .

  A. being friendly

  B. a bit of envy

  C. lucky dog

  D. your luck

  29. When we listen to a person talking, the most important thing for us to do is .

  A. notice the way the person is talking

  B. take a good look at the person talking

  C. mind his tone, his posture and the look in his eyes

  D. examine the real meaning of what he says based on his manner, his tone and his posture

  30. The author most probably is a .

  A. teacher

  B. philosopher

  C. psychologist

  D. doctor

  Text 2

  SMS (Short Message Service) gradually becomes the main service for cell phone users for its great charming. In addition, the development of mobile communications technology and service has created favorable condition for SMS. For example, MMS, multi-media messaging service, is a new type of message service on the basis of SMS. It allows transmission of multi-media messages between cell phone and computer, as well as between cell phones. Communication with SMS is quite convenient. You can write a message after carefully thinking what you want to say with many words without worrying about money. Actually, SMS enjoys the absolute majority utilization

  among mobile service. In China, the number of short message transmitted is 2,200 billion in 2003.

  People, however, feel angry and anxious sometimes while enjoying SMS. More and more rubbish short messages that contain such content as erotic, gambling, or advertising are sent to cell phone users, which seriously violated the user's privacy. Because the sender of these rubbish short messages do not take into ——account whether people need them or not, and do not get the permission from users to transmit these rubbish short messages to them.

  As we know, everyone has the right to communication freely with other people, and the right to refuse communication with people they don't like to. But these rights were not guaranteed in SMS. Users do not receive rubbish short messages on a voluntary basis. If you fell angry and disgusted with some rubbish message to your cell phone, and do not want to see it again, that means such message is in contradiction with your wish, and violates your privacy. MMS also promote the transmission of unhealthy information on the Internet from computer to cell phone, which must extend the scope and influence of rubbish short message.

  The rapid development of mobile communications may suffer a lot if there is no change in the way of transmitting SMS. More and more users of cell phone are disturbed by rubbish short messages, and their privacy is violated by mobile communications service, which is also not a benefit for the development of mobile communications service.

  31. has created a good condition for SMS.

  A. Multi-media messaging service

  B. Mobile communications technology

  C. Mobile communications service

  D. Mobile communications technology and service

  32. By MMS, short messages can be transmitted except between .

  A. cell phones

  B. computers

  C. cell phone and computer

  D. mobile phone and computer

  33. People sometimes don't enjoy SMS because .

  A. SMS also sends rubbish short messages

  B. SMS violates their privacy

  C.SMS does not consider whether people need it or not

  D. SMS doesn't get people's permission to send them messages

  34. MMS may violate people's privacy because .

  A. SIMS doesn't take measures to forbidden it

  B.SMS doesn't guarantee people's privacy

  C. it makes rubbish short messages transmission easier

  D. it extends the scope and influence of rubbish short message

  35. From the text we know that .

  A. people should refuse rubbish short messages

  B. SMS should think of a way to get rid of rubbish short messages

  C. MMS should not allow people to send messages from the Internet to cell phones

  D. SMS benefits from rubbish short messages

  Text l









  【解析】题干意为“在作者看来,我们常常误解朋友的原因是什么?”从文章第二段第二句话“Sometimes what people say hides their real mean-ing.”可知,有时人们说话时会隐藏起他们的真正意思,因此正确答案为C。


  【题型】释义题 .

  【解析】题干问的是在那句话中it指的是什?我们从前一句话 “There’S a bit of envy in those words.”中可以看出指的是a bit of ell-vy,因此正确答案为B。







  Text 2






  【解析】题干意为“什么为短信服务创造了一个良好条件?”从文章第一段第二句话可以看出是“the development of mobile communications technology and service”即移动交流技术和服务的发展为短信服务创造了有利条件,因此正确答案为D。













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