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如何提高英语阅读理解能力是很多考生困惑的问题,阅读理解分值较高,很多考生担心影响自己的考试成绩。在公共英语考试之后, yjbys小编为大家分享公共英语三级考试模拟试题及答案解析如下: Text 1。


  Text 1

  WhenKatherine Chon was in fifth grade.she drew a“dream tree”erepresenting the path she

  hopedher life would take.One branch led to Harvard Medical School,Which isexactly what her

  motherhad hoped for when the Chons moved to the U.S.from SouthKorea to give their three children opportunities.

  Always adiligent student,Katherine started to learn medicine at Brown.But then sheadded a

  new limbto her dream tree—one mat her mother still doesn’t understand.Shocked bythe misfortune of some South Korean women,Katherine joinedforces with another Brown student to form the Polaris Project,now one ofthe largest anti-human-trafficking organizations in the country,“It wasreally hard for my parents,”says Katherine.“They had so many life stresses so their children could、get a greateducation and have a comfortable life.”

  Thedreams of parents and children often differ,but the conflict canbe especially painful in

  first-generationimmigrant families where the parents have made enormous sacrifices.Lisa Park,an assistantprofessor at the University of California,San Diego,says that:the focus ofevery family that moves to the United States to provide opportunities for theirchildren is almost always on the future,with little mentionof the circumstances that compelled them to move.And even though the parentsare the ones working 12-hour days,the children ale also under intense pressure to perform in ways thatwill justify the parents’ sacrifice.

  Thecontrast between parents’ dreams andchildren’s realities can be particularly sharp for

  daughterswho have grown up with almost infinite opportunities.Theirmothers often came from

  placeswhere opportunities for women were limited,which makes thedaughters’ choices even harder tounderstand.Mary Lugemwa’s parents encouraged her to study math or science atHarvard.

  Shecomplied at first,majoring in computer science.But she is currentlyworking as a film producer for a nonprofit organization called Meaningful Media.“I sometimesfeel guilty,”she says,

  “having chosen,to bean artist,because I know that if I had chosen a scientific background,I could helpmy parents a lot more.”

  46.WhenKatherine Chon was a fifth—grader,________.

  [A]shehad a great interest in drawing

  [B]she had a clear vision of her future

  [C]shehad an independent personality

  [D]she had a desire to study in the U.S.

  47.It can be inferredfrom the text that Katherine’s mother_______.

  [A]wasdisappointed at her daughter’s decision

  [B]wasshocked by the suffering of some women

  [C]failedto give her kids enough opportunities

  [D]failedto realize her own dream to be a doctor

  48:According tothe text,in first—generation immigrant families,the parents feelfrustrated if

  [A]theyfail to adjust to the circumstances

  [B]theyare forced to make great sacririces

  [C]theirchildren fail to focus on the future

  [D]theirchildren develop against their wishes

  49.According toLisa Park,first—generation immigrant children_______.

  [A]avoidthe slightest mention of their parents’ past

  [B]focuson seizing chances for future development

  [C]workvery hard to justify their parents’ sacrifices

  [D]areunder pressure to fulfill their parents’ dreams

  50.We learnfrom Mary Lugemwa’s case that_______.

  [A]herparents cherished opportunities more than she did

  [B]herparents’ dreams and her reality could bebalanced

  [C]shehad a quite different view of life from her parents

  [D]sheenjoyed infinite opportunities in career development

  Text 2

  MothersAgainst Drunk Driving(MADD)has launched a new public awareness campaign aimedat Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler.“Enough is Enough”advocatesdropping the Criminal Code’s blood alcohol concentration(BAC)limit from 0.08 to 0.05 percent,to“protectinnocent drivers on our roads.”MADD Canada CEO Andrew Murie thinks tllat lowering the BAC limitcould result in a 6-to-18 percent reduction in crash deaths.Butquestions have been raised about the science behind that campaign.

  MADDselectively cites a report published in 2002 by Robert Mann of the MentalHealth

  Centre.Mama,in turn,had gotthose numbers from two separate studies whose data was selected from Sweden andAustralia.The conclusions in Mann’s report seem to ignore the Swedish authors’numerouswarnings and cautions,as well as the limitations in the Australian study.First,theAustralian study examined the effectiveness of breath testing,not loweredBAC levels,on fatal traffic crashes.Also.thatresearch was started in 1976 when“liquid lunches”were far more common.What’s more.the Australian data varied:whereas the state ofQueensland saw the 18 percent decline in fatal accidents cited by MADD’s Murie,inneighboring New South Wales,fatal accidents decreased just 8 percent.

  It isalso reported by the Ontario Community Council that the majority of drivers inalcoholrelated fatal erashes are repeat offenders with BACs over 0.15percent-meaning that the problem is drivers who repeatedly get behind the wheelwith BAC levels twice the legal limit.not social drinkerswho consume a glass of wine or tw0.This makes MADD’sconcern seem wasteful,given the downward trend in alcohol-related tramc deaths.

  TheCanada Safety Council,the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators and theTraffic Injury Research Foundation take issue with MADD’s campaign.Even theOntario Community Council has determined that lowering the BAC would mean morework for police and the courts.

  But toMADD’s Murie,the math question is simple:“If you lower BAClimits,regardless to what

  level,you’ll saveCanadian lives.”Unfortunately,the math doesn’t quite add up.

  51.MADDlaunched a public awareness campaign in order to_______.

  [A]criticizethe Justice Minister

  [B]improve BAC measurement

  [C]restrictdrivers’access to alcohol

  [D]revise the law regarding drunk driving

  52.From thetext we learn that MADD cites a report that________.

  [A]justifiesits new campaign

  [B]is favored by the authorities

  [C]sumsup major public concerns

  [D]is mentioned in two other studies

  53.It isimplied in the text that Mann’s report is unreliable because_______.

  [A]itwas based on some unsound research

  [B]itgot its data from two inconsistent studies

  [C]itwas written in conditions no longer valid

  [D]itignored the limitations of the studies cited

  54.The textindicates that MADD’s campaign_______.

  [A]willnot affect social drinkers

  [B]mayturn out to be of little value

  [C]isgoing to reduce governmental labor

  [D]haswon support from some organizations

  55.The writer’sattitude towards the campaign is_______.





  Text 3

  A recentstudy demonstrated how powerful a few words can be:Fortycompetitive tennis players were shown digital images of balls coming their way.Just beforeeach ball appeared,the players

  saw orheard comments like“Good shot”or“Bad shot.”The reaction times of players hearing

  negativeremarks were measurably slower.And these were athletes who trained frequently to play a consistentgame and not make unforced errors.

  What isthe explanation? Negative feedbackweakens anyone’s belief in his or her ability to

  succeed.But if youcan hold on to a winning attitude,you’ll make a greater effort and also create

  positivedrive.Confident people inspire others;opportunities seemto come their way more often.

  Theybecome magnets for success.

  Learnthe importance of giving yourself pep talks,and keep the voice in yourhead positive.

  The bestathletes,success is rarely due to raw talent alone.It’s becausethey’re simply better pre。

  pared.They stayfocused,they’re willing to work as、hard as they need to,and theykeep the positive voice in their heads switched on.

  Perhapsthe most important aspect of being your own coach is to do what any outside adviserora good parent.for that matter--would preach:practice,practice,practice.Avoidindividuals

  who suckyour energy and diminish your confidence.Hang out with thepeople who see you at your best.and remind you about it very often.Pessimists drag youdown,as do whiners and critics.If there,s onewinning behavior that people building confidence should model,it’s thewillingness to get back into the game after a setback.Don’t nurseyour wounds.

  Thereare,however,important warnings.Panicking can compound a small misstep by causing

  you tolose your head and forget to think clearly.If you suffer aterrible loss,give yourself time to

  absorbthe blow.Don’t deny the hurt or try to solve the problem immediately.Gather yoursupport system around you and simply get nurtured.Sitting around andthinking about your loss is the worst thing you can do to solve your problem.

  56.We learnfrom the first paragraph that_______.

  [A]excellentperformance often goes with well-trained players

  [B]excellentperformance often goes with positive comments

  [C]high-techmethods help players avoid unforced errors

  [D]high-techmethods increase players’competitiveness

  57.People whowant to succeed should first imagine themselves to be_________.


  [B]an inspirer

  [C]a creator

  [D]a winner

  58.The phrase“pep talks”in Paragraph3 means’talks’which________.


  [B]entertain people


  [D]interest people

  59.The writerthinks that you should keep company with those who______.

  [A]pointout your mistakes

  [B]tolerate your weaknesses

  [C]emphasizeyour strengths

  [D]understand your complaints

  60.In"theface of a severe loss.the best thing you can do is to________.

  [A]denythe hurt

  [B]try to forget it

  [C]solve it at once

  [D]accept it calmly

  Part B


  Read thetexts from a magazine section called“Letters”in whichfive people commented on a spe.cial report on new medicines.For questions 61 to65,match the name of each person to one of the statements(A to G)givenbelow.Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET1.

  Ann Best:

  Yourspecial report on new medicines showed there is thrilling promise in future“cures”for so

  manydiseases that threaten mankind.But how will"ordinary folks pay for these modem miracles?

  One drugcompany is hopeful that the savings involved in developing these medicines“willtranslate into pure profit for investors.”This can onlyrestilt in a problem for me:Shall I buy food,pay therent or get the medicines I need?

  Tom Waken:

  As acitizen who has been critical of drug companies because of the high drug price,I found

  thatyour report about the new medicines has softened my stand.Thecompanies say they have to charge more for their drugs so they can do researchfor better medicines.Now that I’ve read about the newer and better drugs,1 willgladly go on paying for my medications,knowing I am makinga good investment in better living.

  Robert H.Kamm:

  We allwant to live longer and healthier lives,but taking pills torescue us from our self-abusive lifestyle only masks real problems and ends upcosting us billions of dollars a year.We oqght

  to beinvesting at。least as much in trying to discover why millions of us behave inways that are not in our best interest smoking,drinking,0verworking,under-exercisingand generally doing things that are bad for our health.

  John J.Bagshaw:

  The costof poor health is shocking and goes well beyond dollars.But theapproach that offers the best solution,reduces risk,cuts demandand gets people healthy and fit is prevention.The U.S.is a nationof chronic diseases.It will get much worse.because we never deal with the causes.Individual Americansneed to bring this issue to a boil and keep it there until we get a health—care systembased on prevention.

  Laurel Woods:

  While Iapplaud the research being done in the field of medicine.I arn alsoaware that good

  thingscan go bad in an instant.I have heart disease.and I had a negative reaction to a new treatment:the resultwas a long hospital stay.We should remember that caution has to be applied when being treatedwith a new medicine.Nothing will replace the human element that must be present in acaring medical community.

  Nowmatch the name of each pemon(61 to 65)to the appropriate statement.

  Note:there aretwo extra statements.




  63.Robert H.Kamm

  64.John J.Bagshaw


  [A]Prevention should always comebefore treatment.

  [B] A new medical treatmentneeds to be administered with Calltion.

  [C]Pills often perform miracles on peoplewho take them.

  [D]A change of behavior counts more thanreliance on drugs.

  [E]However good the new drugs,theiraffordability is first and foremost.

  [F]New drugs shguld nor beput onto the market until proven effective.

  [G]Drug companies arejustified to sell their products at higher prices.




  Text 1






  “When Katherine Chon was in fifth grade,she drew a“dream tree”representingthe path she

  hopedher life would take.One branch led to Har

  vard Medical School…”可知凯瑟琳从小就立志上哈佛大学医学院,可见“她对未来有清晰的规划”,故选B。


  48.D 【精析】细节题。根据第三段第一句“The dreams of parents and children often differ,but the coflict can be especially painful…sacrifices.”


  49.D【精析】细节题。根据第三段最后一句“And even though the parents are the onesworking 12 hour days,thechildren…that will justify the parents’sacrifice.”可知,父母一天工作12个小时,孩子要对得起父母做出的牺牲。由此可知孩子为了对得起父母的辛苦,要顶着巨大的压力努力实现父母的梦想,故选D。



  Text 2

  反对醉驾母亲协会发起了一场新的公共意识运动,这场运动针对的是加拿大司法部长欧文·科特勒。为了保护路上无辜的司机。“适可而止”运动提倡将有犯罪代码之称的血液酒精浓度的限制由0.08%下调至0 05%。加拿大反对醉驾母亲协会首席执行官安朱·梅利认为,调低血液酒精浓度限制有助于减少6%到l8%的交通死亡人数。但随之这场运动背后的科学性问题也被提出来了。




  51.C【精析】细节题。根据第一段第二句“‘Enough is Enough’advocatesdropping the Criminal Code’s blood alcohol concentration(BAC)limit from 0.08 to 0.05 percent…”可知,“适可而止”运动主要目的是为了降低血液酒精浓度限制,即限制司机对酒精的摄取,故选c。

  52.D 【精析】细节题。根据第二段第一、二句“MADD selectively cites a report published in 2002 by Robert Mann...from two separate studies whose data was selected from Sweden and Australia.”可知,反对醉驾母亲协会引用的是罗伯特·曼发表的内容,


  53.D 【精析】细节题。根据第二段第三句“The conclusions in Mann’Sreport seem to ignore the Swedish authors’numerouswarnings and cautions,as well as the limitations in theAustralianstudy.”可知,曼的报告之所以不可信是因为报告忽略了所引用研究中的不足,故选D。


  55.C 【精析】作者观点题。根据全文作者对这场运动提出的一系列问题及文章最后一段作者表示梅利的计算方法不能简单相加可知,作者对此事持有怀疑的态度,故选C。


  Text 3






  56.B【精析】细节题。根据第一段第三句“the reaction times of playershearing negative remarks were measurably slower.”可知,选手听到负面评价会影响发挥,由此推知,接收到正面评价会有好的表现,故选B。


  58.A 【精析】细节题。根据第三段第一句中“pep talks”后面内容“keep the voice in yourhead positive”可知,既然是头脑中回荡着积极的声音,那前面说的话肯定是为自己加油鼓劲的话,可知pep talks指的是鼓励人的话,故选A。


  “Avoidindividuals who suck your energy and diminishyour confidence.Hang out with the people who see you at your best,and remind you about it every SO often.”可知,要和那些鼓励欣赏你的人在一块,不要和那贬低你能力的人、让自己产生不自信的人在一块,由此推知,作者建议要和那些给你加油鼓劲的人在一块,故选C。

  60.D【精析】细节题。根据最后一段第三句和第四句“Ifyou suffer a terrible loss.give yourself time to absorb the blow.Don’t deny the hurt ortry to solve the problemimmediately.”可知,遇到挫折不要急着否定自己的伤痛,也不要立刻解决所遇到的问题,而是要给自己点时间,慢慢接受所遇到的挫折,故选D。

  Part B


















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